Asbestos Training for Executives

Asbestos Training for Executives is provided in 2 hour sessions for up to 8 delegates per session.  Asbestos Training for Executives can be tailored to your businesses procedures and can be delivered at your premises or arranged at a seperate venue.  All Training is delivered by an experienced trainer.



  • What is Asbestos
  • Asbestos Legislation
  • Asbestos Case Law
  • Exposures and Incidents
  • Asbestos Management Responsibilities
  • Duty Holder Responsibilities
  • Accuracy and Provision of Information
  • On SIte Procedures and Training Requirements


  • Understand the risks of Asbestos
  • An understanding of the complexity of Asbestos Management
  • What information is required and how this should be handled
  • What are your legal requirements
  • What are your duties as a Duty Holder
  • How Asbestos Information should be disseminated and Reviewed

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