Asbestos Management System

Asbestos Management System Development and Review

Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 states that you have to maintain a written plan of how you will manage asbestos within your building.  For those clients with large and complex portfolio’s of properties sometimes you need more than a Management Plan and in these instances we support you by developing Management Systems and Procedures that map out how asbestos is managed and how asbestos procedures are disseminated across your portfolio.

The lifecycle of our works with supporting you to develop robust asbestos management procedures has a focus of preventing people being exposed to asbestos within and around your buildings. In our experience if you strive for preventing exposure then you will always achieve regulatory compliance, but if you strive for regulatory compliance you often don’t prevent exposure.

The steps we take to achieve robust asbestos management procedures are as follows:-

◎ Step 1 – We undertake a full audit / review of your existing asbestos information, your asbestos incidents and investigations and any exposure incidents you have had, how you disseminate information and how you use the information to prevent exposure and any asbestos management systems (online asbestos registers, etc..) you may have.
◎ Step 2 – We undertake a full audit / Gap Analysis of your existing asbestos procedures to determine where we feel you are at risk of exposing people to asbestos at a site, where you are not compliant with CAR 2012 and where your existing procedures simply don’t work
◎ Step 3 – We prepare a report and discuss our findings with you and various approaches that will support the better management of asbestos across your portfolio with recommendations on the improvements that this will offer and envisaged costs.
◎ Step 4 – We prepare your new asbestos management system and procedures, any specifications and scopes that you may need to tender out, we support you all the way through the tender process with advice and recommendations
◎ Step 5 – We support you in the implementation and training in the new procedures through meetings, training, workshops, toolbox talks, etc….
◎ Step 6 – We review the systems and procedures on a regular basis to ensure they are both fit for purpose and have been disseminated properly to all those concerned
We have successfully developed and implemented Asbestos Management Systems across a wide range of clients in the following sectors:-

◎ Retail
◎ Education – Universities and Schools
◎ Government Departments
◎ Local Authorities
◎ Large Construction and Facilities Management Businesses
◎ Large Multi Faceted Companies
◎ Industrial and Production Companies

Review of Existing Asbestos Management System

If you have an existing Asbestos Management System that requires review and you do not have the available Capability or Capacity within your business to perform the review and complete the required updates then we can support you by conducting the review and providing a full and detailed report on the strengths and weaknesses of the management system as well as performing Asbestos Audits as required to measure the effectiveness and adoption of the Asbestos Management System.  Once this is completed if the recommendations are agreed then we can implement these and update your Management System accordingly

Please contact us if you would like to discuss an Asbestos Management System