Asbestos Awareness Training

Asbestos Awareness Training in accordance with Regulation 10 of CAR 2012 is provided in 3.5 hour sessions for up to 12 participants per session.  Awareness Training can be tailored to your businesses procedures and can be delivered at your premises or arranged at a seperate venue.  All Training is delivered by an experienced trainer.

Session Outline

  • What is asbestos?
  • How was it used?
  • How does asbestos harm health?
  • Regulations, Duties and Procedures
  • Asbestos in buildings
  • Who is at risk from asbestos?
  • Working safely around asbestos

Aims and Objectives

  • An increased awareness of the nature and properties of asbestos
  • The familiar types, uses and likely occurrences of asbestos
  • The effects on health, including increased risk for those who smoke
  • Know how to avoid the risks from asbestos
  • Increased knowledge of Asbestos Procedures
  • An Increased awareness of asbestos legislation
  • An Understanding of the appropriate emergency arrangements.

If you are interested in Asbestos Awareness Training then please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your requirements