Asbestos Audits & Investigations

Asbestos Audits

As a business managing a portfolio of properties, conducting asbestos surveys, asbestos re-inspections or asbestos abatement works is a large investment. Auditing the works of your chosen Consultant or Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor protects this investment by ensuring the quality of the works conducted meets regulatory requirements and your needs and expectations.

We work with our clients to develop audit programmes against individual projects or wider programmes of works to ensure the works conducted are to the best possible standard. We review your specification and requirements, develop audits that ensure these requirements are met and implement the audit programmes based on risk. Audits can be weighted against key criteria and SLA’s and are provided in a format of your choosing

Some of our clients start with a higher audit volume and tier this down once confidence is gained whilst some choose an audit volume for the duration of the works.

Through our audit programmes we are able to provide demonstrable improvements in your outputs and where elements are found to be not in line with requirements then we will work with our clients and the Asbestos Consultants and LARC’s to ensure the works meet your immediate and ongoing needs and requirements.

Audits can be completed on site, at your offices or as a desktop exercise.

Over the last 2 years we have conducted over 2,000 audits across a range of Asbestos Consultants and Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors and across these there is clear evidence of the quality of works improving as the audit programme progresses.

As we are completely independent the only driver for delivering audits is to ensure the quality of the surveys, re-inspections and abatement works that you are receiving.

Asbestos Investigations

We conduct Asbestos Investigations for asbestos disturbances and asbestos exposures.

Our Investigations are always independent and raise Corrective and Preventative Actions as well as a full Root Cause Analysis. We undertake a full review of the event, the history, the asbestos information and any interviews required.

We present the findings in a clear and concise format detailing the key findings and actions and can support you in the implementation of the actions as required.

If you are interested in Asbestos Audits and Investigations please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your requirements